Using PHP

Today I decided to start implementing some PHP into the site. To do this I first set up a the localhost on my computer using WAMP and installed PHPmyAdmin.

The first thing I decided to do as we are still not 100% on the name of the project, set a variable that I will call every time I use the project name, so all we would have to do is change it in the variable if we change the name. The code I used to do this is:

this is setting the variable “brand”($brand) to be Lunacy.
now every time I want to say the same I would put in .

I have also made it so users can create an account.


Design for Digital Media Environments – Homework 1- A CONTRIBUTION TO A COMMUNITY BASED UGC PLATFORM

Today I had my first lecture of my new unit Design for Digital Media Environments. We discussed such things as Web 2.0, open source software such as JavaScript, Ubuntu and Open Street View, which for one of our tasks where asked to contribute to.

I had a look on the map at Bournemouth University and noticed the bank Santander which is in Poole House was not listed. So I created a account and decided to add it myself, the process was simple and I feel I gained a sence of community as I was adding to something that 100s of other people around the world have also added to. I believe that if everyone started to contribute to such applications as Open Street View and others then the web would become a much richer and full of lots of great usable by all content.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After Effects Workshop

My newest task is all to do with Kintetic Typography. Using a program by Abode within their creative suite called After Effects, I created the below video as a test to my task.

the idea of my task is to have a piece of media that is spoken words such as a song or speech and have Kintetic Typography illustrate whats going on.

Workshop 3 (Processing 2)

Today I had another workshop using Processing.

We went over data types again such as boolean (true or false), string (text), etc. I was given a task to create a program which drew 10 circles, all of which were random sizes and colours and appeared at random points on the canvas, then when a user clicked the mouse the staged cleared. Below I will break down my code:

void setup() {
println(“program is starting”);

This is my “setup” it tells the program the basics, mine is saying make the canvas (600 pixels in the x and 300 pixels in the y) and set the background colour to black. it also has a print line which just prints whatever I type which in the println to the console.

int circles = 10;

This bit of code sets a name to a piece of data so in my program circles = 10.

void draw() {
println(“circles were drawn”);

while (circles > 0) {
float circleSize = random(20,80);
ellipse(random(width),random(height), circleSize, circleSize);
fill( random(255), random(255), random(255), random(255));




now the draw is used to create the circles, my code is telling the program to create a circle that is a random size and colour and is placed randomly on the screen. It is also within a loop and is saying while circles is greater then 0 (which we set using int circles = 10;) which would also be true if not for the circles–; which is telling my program every time you loop take 1 from the circle value so until it reaches 0 it will raw a circle and as the value starts off at 10 it will create 10 circles.

void mouseClicked(){



Now this bit of code is telling the program to do something when the uses clicks, however my clearStage function is below

void clearStage(){
background(random(255), random(255), random(255));
println(“Mouse was clicked”);

So this is telling the program whenever the clearStage function is called set the background colour back to black.

Workshop 2 (Procssing)

Today in my second workshop  was taught Processing which is an application used to create programs that run from Java, this ws my first ever time with the software and coding Java however I have done some event driven programming before (mostly JavaScript) so the term were familier to me.

Our outcome was to create a object in this case a circle that follows the corser as the user moves the mouse and depending on where on the screen the user clicks changes the background colour.

A few function used:

  • mouseClicked
  • background
  • printIn