How it all Went

We are now coming to the new of the project and now I think it is a good time to say how I feel the project went, what I think is good, bad and could be improved about the site and how I feel the team worked together and how I feel I fixed into that work flow.

The idea for the site is that BU students can post stories on there nights out while a student in bournemouth. The idea was inspired by Facebook groups where post post anonymous stories, however we felt these just turned into a place were people would just shame each other, so we removed the idea for anonymous posting.

The Site

Whats Good

  • The site is easy to navigate
  • The site is not complicated to use
  • All the content is on one page and is changes whether the user is logged in
  • The design is not overly messy and in your face.

Whats Bad?

  • Some of the site is not responsive
  • There is a lot of information on the home page


  • We need more validation for the posts and accounts
  • We seem to get a strange warning error with php that comes when someone makes an account though it seems to work, we should fix that
  • The overall design.

The Team

What was Good

  • We had good communication throughout
  • no one was in charge of just one thing we could all jump in and out of areas
  • Everyone had their say
  • No one was left out (unless it was their own fault which I will come back to)

Whats was Bad?

  • Two group members never showed and therefore were left out of contributing to the project.
  • Not everyone in the group used Github which then left everyone with different parts of the code.

Me in the Group

I feel like that I worked well within the group, however I need to let other people work on this, as I sometimes forget that they need to work as well. I also was the only one who really knew how to use Github and should of took the time to teach the rest of the group.


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