Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is one of the biggest topic currently going on in the digital world but what is it?

Net Neutrality is the idea that ISP (Internet Service Providers) and Governments should treat all data on the internet equally. If Net Neutrality is not in place it means your ISP can slow down any one site or service in favour for another. For example if Netflix was to pay a ISP such as Sky and ask for more bandwidth to their site and maybe even to reduce the bandwidth to their competitors such as Hulu or even Youtube. With any people now hating slow internet speeds the idea is that they would go to Netflix over these sites are they are much faster for them to download the data.

In Feb of 2015 the USA Government passed a rule of Net Neutrality stating that not only should the internet be equal and open but should be treated like an utility such a electricity and water. –

A famous case of breaking the Net Neutrality idea is when any Mobile Phone companies decided that their smart phone users should be stopped from using apps such as Viber, which allow a user to send text messages and call each other for from over their mobiles internet. Many of these companies were taken to court and forced to allow access back to the app.


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