How it all Went

We are now coming to the new of the project and now I think it is a good time to say how I feel the project went, what I think is good, bad and could be improved about the site and how I feel the team worked together and how I feel I fixed into that work flow.

The idea for the site is that BU students can post stories on there nights out while a student in bournemouth. The idea was inspired by Facebook groups where post post anonymous stories, however we felt these just turned into a place were people would just shame each other, so we removed the idea for anonymous posting.

The Site

Whats Good

  • The site is easy to navigate
  • The site is not complicated to use
  • All the content is on one page and is changes whether the user is logged in
  • The design is not overly messy and in your face.

Whats Bad?

  • Some of the site is not responsive
  • There is a lot of information on the home page


  • We need more validation for the posts and accounts
  • We seem to get a strange warning error with php that comes when someone makes an account though it seems to work, we should fix that
  • The overall design.

The Team

What was Good

  • We had good communication throughout
  • no one was in charge of just one thing we could all jump in and out of areas
  • Everyone had their say
  • No one was left out (unless it was their own fault which I will come back to)

Whats was Bad?

  • Two group members never showed and therefore were left out of contributing to the project.
  • Not everyone in the group used Github which then left everyone with different parts of the code.

Me in the Group

I feel like that I worked well within the group, however I need to let other people work on this, as I sometimes forget that they need to work as well. I also was the only one who really knew how to use Github and should of took the time to teach the rest of the group.


Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is one of the biggest topic currently going on in the digital world but what is it?

Net Neutrality is the idea that ISP (Internet Service Providers) and Governments should treat all data on the internet equally. If Net Neutrality is not in place it means your ISP can slow down any one site or service in favour for another. For example if Netflix was to pay a ISP such as Sky and ask for more bandwidth to their site and maybe even to reduce the bandwidth to their competitors such as Hulu or even Youtube. With any people now hating slow internet speeds the idea is that they would go to Netflix over these sites are they are much faster for them to download the data.

In Feb of 2015 the USA Government passed a rule of Net Neutrality stating that not only should the internet be equal and open but should be treated like an utility such a electricity and water. –¬†

A famous case of breaking the Net Neutrality idea is when any Mobile Phone companies decided that their smart phone users should be stopped from using apps such as Viber, which allow a user to send text messages and call each other for from over their mobiles internet. Many of these companies were taken to court and forced to allow access back to the app.