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Web Design Trends.

Before finalizing the sites design I decided to look up what website design trends industry exports are expecting to see in 2015. These are some of the most common ones I found:

  • Longer Scrolling Sites
  • Absence of large header background images
  • Simplicity
  • Semi transparent and transparent nav bars
  • Flyout/slideout app-like menus
  • large typography

Though it important for me to remember not to just be a sheep and follow the latest trends, I will also be looking up past trends and style types to see if I can put my own modern spin on them.



What we are using Databases For

For a website to work as I have mentioned before we are my databases, this post will be what we are using databases for:

Users Information: we store users information as a way for them to log into their accounts and be able to posts. The types of information are:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Student ID
  • Level of Study

We then need a database for store the posts by users, we cross reference with the users information page in order to get their username so we know who posted it and then we just store in this database:

  • Post title
  • Post body
  • Club

Using PHP

Today I decided to start implementing some PHP into the site. To do this I first set up a the localhost on my computer using WAMP and installed PHPmyAdmin.

The first thing I decided to do as we are still not 100% on the name of the project, set a variable that I will call every time I use the project name, so all we would have to do is change it in the variable if we change the name. The code I used to do this is:

this is setting the variable “brand”($brand) to be Lunacy.
now every time I want to say the same I would put in .

I have also made it so users can create an account.

Naming the Project and Social Media

We have decided to go for the name Lunacy for our site, we believe this goes well with it content and the theme of the site will fit around this.

I believe these days most if not all companies not matter how big or their professional area should be a active on social media. This is why i suggested that we create a twitter account for our Project and we agreed that we should. This will allow:

  • quick and easy communication to users of the site.
  • a twitter feed of the account the site.

The twitter handle is @LunacyBU