Group Meeting 1

My group has had their first meeting to discuss possible ideas for the website and decide on our roles within the group.

We thought of a website which users could upload Urban legend stories and share them and allowing other people to edit and expand on them so it would be a sort of community story. However after doing some research we found a popular website that already offers these features called

So we brainstormed a few more ideas and settled on a website that Bournemouth universities student could use. Most students go out and it is common in the news to see stories on how students have “crazy” nights out so we decided to create a site where students could upload real and truthful stories of their events on a night out. It would also be a place where they could create and check up on upcoming events around the area. Currently the idea is only limited to BU students however this may change to add more universities.

We also discussed our roles in the group. As I had a wider knowledge of HTML and CSS it was decided I would do most of the coding side, Jordan would create the design and art work for the site and Letitia would create the content. However no one is limited to just there role, we said we should all chip in on each. We will all do the PHP together and the files will be held on my Dakar server space.


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