Design for Digital Media Environments – Homework 1- A CONTRIBUTION TO A COMMUNITY BASED UGC PLATFORM

Today I had my first lecture of my new unit Design for Digital Media Environments. We discussed such things as Web 2.0, open source software such as JavaScript, Ubuntu and Open Street View, which for one of our tasks where asked to contribute to.

I had a look on the map at Bournemouth University and noticed the bank Santander which is in Poole House was not listed. So I created a account and decided to add it myself, the process was simple and I feel I gained a sence of community as I was adding to something that 100s of other people around the world have also added to. I believe that if everyone started to contribute to such applications as Open Street View and others then the web would become a much richer and full of lots of great usable by all content.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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