Final Thoughts of the Finished Poster and How the Process Went

I have finished my poster and thinking back on the question I picked which was “What is your social network?” I am wondering if I answered the question. Which I believe I have to a degree. The brief for the question stated: “Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook’s classification of close friends, family and acquaintances.”

To answer the question, I went to my most used social media which is Facebook and I was just casually scroll through the news feed trying to think of a way to categorize everyone. Who would I put as close friends and acquaintances. So i decided to do some research on how to collect my profiles data, such as who I communicate with the most, through messgaes, comments and likes. I come across which on the site has a page that does all that for you and more. It help to categorize ever single on of my friends quick and easily.

Though the results didnt shock me they did me an idea. My network as made up of mostly acquaintances, a few friends and little family. Because Facebook logo was just a single F I decided I was going to create that F and fill it with different colour circles. Literally having one circle represent one Facebook friend, which later in the process of creating the poster, I found hard and had play around to get them to fix perfectly which in my eyes it still doesn’t.

The colours of the circles were hard to decide on, for the most part I had just random colours for the circles which I didnt think made much sense and thought back my data and my idea and how I could could portray the message in two ways, one way with the F and the other with the colours, having the circles fade into Facebooks famous blue colour from families being the farthest  away from it to acquaintances being the blue. This shows acquaintances make up my Facebook.

This is the final result:


Though it did full my idea, I still think with more time I could do better.


Final Ideas For Poster

After discussing my current poster with my tutor, we have decided that the colours are not good and look a bit like traffic lights. So I have come up with a different idea, through my research I have found at most of my Facebook friends are acquaintances, which has given me the idea to use the Facebook blue fading into the F. For example, the Family category is the smallest group of friends on my Facebook, which on the poster will be represented by the light shade of the facebook blue, then close friends will be half way between the lightest shade and the full shade of blue and acquaintances the full shade of blue making up most of the F.

I think this will help show that Facebook is a place for everyone in your life not just “friends” how they market it.