Development and Realisation- Poster Research.

After feedback and a discussion  with my lecture I  have decided that it would be best to go for the idea of having the Facebook Logo F and filling it with different co loured circles each representing a group of people. For this I would need to collect data on my Facebook profile, originally I had planned on manually looking through my profile and writing down where I thought ever body fitted, but after half an hour of doing this I came to the realisation that it was going to take to long and eat into my time to create the actual poster. After some searching on the web I came across which is a site that helps you collect data and they have a page which is for  collecting data on your Facebook profile. It gives you data on all types, such as who is your oldest and youngest friend, who do you talk to the most, who do you have the most/least in common with and much more. The results of my friends:

Close Friends: 17

Family: 12

Acquaintances: 358

Total number of Facebook friends: 387


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