Development and Realisation – workshop 1

I have had my first workshop for the Development and Realisation unit. I was given an introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape which are both programmes used to create vector based graphics.

I had used Illustrator before in college and I never got along with it and seemed to struggle to create anything worth showing off however the workshop did help me improve on my skills but I am still not confident using it without help from someone. This is the out come of the Illustrator part of the workshop.


as you can tell not the best of work and there is plenty of room for improvement.

I had never used Inkscape before this workshop and this was my first introduction with using it. I seemed to get on with the program well and enjoyed using it over illustrator. For the work shop we followed a tutoral to create a Chinese toy and I quite enjoyed doing it, which was a surprise to me as I never really get on with vector graphics. I think I will be using Inkscape to complete my project. This is the outcome of the workshop on Inkscape:



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