Development and Realisation

I have started a new unit for my university course called Development and Realisation. For this unit my task is a to create a poster on one of these topics:

  • Where have you been and when?
  • What is your social network? 
  • How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
  • Who lives the longest?
  • What is the fattest country?
  • Where do different genders shop online?
  • Who knows each other and how in Star Wars? 
  • What type of music is the most popular? 
  • Who has the largest carbon footprint?
  • How does the hydrologic cycle (also called the water cycle) work?

After long and hard thinking I have decided to go with “What is your social network?” I think this will be the most interesting for me and ties in nicely with my course as it involves the digital media known as social media.The brief for this topic states “Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook’s classification of close friends, family and acquaintances.” The idea of the poster to portray the answer to the question asked without the use of lots of text. I can only use vector graphics within the poster, which make me feel a bit apprehensive about the task as I had some experience with vector graphics in college and it wasn’t my strongest area. Although I am sure with the help of the workshops within this unit I will be fine in creating my poster.

My first ideas on the poster is, to have me in the center and a yellow line coming out of me and connecting to one of my close friends because Facebook uses an icon of a star to represent close friends and the colour most put with stars is yellow. From my close I connect one of his close friends who is either another close friend of mine or an acquaintance (using a dotted line) and so forth. I will also do that same with family but with a pink line.


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