Task 4 – Kinetic Typography

My task:

Use and develop your knowledge of AfterEffects to generate a sequence of no less
than 20 seconds in which kinetic typography is used to accompany and enhance a
soundtrack featuring voice. The soundtrack can be of your own choosing, but we
suggest you use an extract from a piece of existing media. Try to avoid using any
other graphic images other than pure type.

For this task I was asked to create video sequence containing kinetic typography, in which the text displayed what a sound track was saying. I decided to use a sample from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

Before I started the task I looked into some history of typography and how it has been used in the past to broadcast a message and provoke a feeling, the actual word doesn’t matter here, its the way the word is displayed that I am interested in.

I was shown in a lecture a website called Art of the Title. This website displays many movie and TV shows title sequences which are more commonly known as “intros”. Looking though some of the title sequences I noticed how many much text was important within the sequence to the bring over the theme of the show. For Example, the Are You Afraid of the Dark title sequence only uses one string of text but displays the very theme of the show, which is to be scary.

task 4 research

However I also noticed this title sequences also relied on the use of other images, which I was not allowed to do. So I deiced to look on YouTube at some videos people have already created using just kinetic typography and I found some amazing exampled which were very professional and helped me a lot during the creation of mine. Here are some of my favorites:

I then watched a video about The History of Typography  to get a better understanding of where it started and how it has changed and evolved.

I felt confidant I had enough inspiration and knowledge on kinetic typography and with my new skills with After Effects, in which I created these:

This is my final outcome of the task:

If had a chance to do this again, I think I would make the transitions from one scene to another more smooth instead of a jump cut. I would also try to make it longer adding a longer  mp3 and one that I was more interested in.


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