TASK 3 – Animation

Task 1-

Starting from the very basics of film production technology you are invited to explore the first

principles of motion picture creation and use drawing to generate a simple animated sequence.

During the seminar you should initially generate a 12 frame hand-drawn sequence using the

Praxinoscope (SpinnerScope) provided, and digitize it to create either an animated gif (using

gifmaker for example) or a video sequence in Adobe Premiere. The theme CYCLE continues by

default since the praxiniscope is cyclic by nature.

My first task within the Animation task was to create a basic gif from hand drawn 12 frame sequence. Using techniques from people such as Kasimir Malevich and the De Stijl techniques, through their ideas I decided to go for an abstract idea, using shapes and colours to create an animation.

My animation idea was to create a growing square which then has circles which grow within the square and all are different colours. Below is the final result:


Pulling inspiration from this picture destijl_lamp which again itself is inspired by  Kasimir Malevich and such people, I created my animation, I used one based colour (green) but instead of using just straight lines I decided to add other shapes which were all different colours.

for my stop motion animation I decided to create two shoes look like they were walking:



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