Photo Collage (24/09/14-25/09/14)

I mentioned in my last post that our first task was to take a series of group photos in front of different places in and around Bournemouth. The places included:

  • In front of Talbot House Student Centre
  • In front of the main entrance to Poole House
  • In front of Railway Station (Asda side)
  • In front of the large Balloon in Lower Gardens
  • At the surf reef with view of the Bournemouth Pier
  • In front of the
  • Outside the Branksome Beach restaurant at Branksome Chine
  • Outside the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole
  • In front of the Regent Centre in Christchurch
  • In front of Christchurch Priory
  • In front of the ticket office where foot passengers and cyclists buy tickets for the Sandbanks toll ferry.

We needed to do a minimum of five photos. We successfully completed this and took photos in front of, Talbot House, Poole House, the Railway Station, the Large Balloon in Lower Garden and the Durley inn pub.

We then met up the next day (25/09/14) to discuss how we could present the photos. We decided to use one of our members website.


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