Workshop 1 (Photoshop)

Today  I had my first workshop lesson of the year. In the workshop we covered the basics of Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

Although I had used Photoshop before and already knew many of the techniques taught, it was nice to go over it again and learn some keyboard short cuts which I did not know, also I ha never used Bridge.

The first thing I was taught was all about Bridge and how it was a much better file browser then Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows). Within Bridge you can view the media file without opening them, for example play a video file. It also always you to quickly open up a media file with any of adobe’s creative software, with just a double-click on an image file Photoshop automatically opens up.

We then went on to the basics of Photoshop, getting to know the layout etc. As I mentioned before known of this was really knew to me but learning the short cuts will really save me time on projects on the future. We then went on to learn about how to editing a photo with distroing the image, this is known as nondestructive editing. To help with our photo alphabet challeng, we were taught how to creat a photo collage to do this we used techniques such as:

  • Layers
  • Layer masks
  • Smart Objects
  • Resizing Images

Thoughts on How to Present the Photo Collage (29.09.14)

During my last post I mentioned that my group met up to discuss how we would present the photos during our first semester.
One of the main ideas was to implement social media sites such as Instagram a photo sharing app for mobile deceives. The way we thought we could of done this was by using Instagram’s tagging system which allows us to create our own tag such as “DMDphoto” so only our photos would come up in the steam as we presented it.
We also thought about using other photo sharing sites such as Flickr or our own blogs.

In the end we decided as one of us was already hosting the pictures on his website it would be easier to use a photo gallery to present them.

Photo Collage (24/09/14-25/09/14)

I mentioned in my last post that our first task was to take a series of group photos in front of different places in and around Bournemouth. The places included:

  • In front of Talbot House Student Centre
  • In front of the main entrance to Poole House
  • In front of Railway Station (Asda side)
  • In front of the large Balloon in Lower Gardens
  • At the surf reef with view of the Bournemouth Pier
  • In front of the
  • Outside the Branksome Beach restaurant at Branksome Chine
  • Outside the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole
  • In front of the Regent Centre in Christchurch
  • In front of Christchurch Priory
  • In front of the ticket office where foot passengers and cyclists buy tickets for the Sandbanks toll ferry.

We needed to do a minimum of five photos. We successfully completed this and took photos in front of, Talbot House, Poole House, the Railway Station, the Large Balloon in Lower Garden and the Durley inn pub.

We then met up the next day (25/09/14) to discuss how we could present the photos. We decided to use one of our members website.

So it Begins (22/09/14)

Welcome to my first post in my new blog! This blog and all its contents will be dedicated to my studies at Bournemouth University (BU). I study Digital Media Design.
My personally area of interest is Web and Graphic Design. I have learnt a lot of my knowledge in that area from my college course last year. I was taught in areas of Web Design which included: HTML, CCS and JavaScript. I am now on a level which I can comfortably create a website independently, my final piece of work for college was to create an endless scrolling parallax webpage. I have want to extend my knowledge on how to create the web more accessible for everyone.

Today I had my induction onto my new course at BU, this is were I had an welcome presentation from my course lectures. I have been given a number of task to complete one of which is this blog. Another is go around Bournemouth and take pictures of different places with each person of my group in order to gain points.

I am ready to get stuck into my course and see what brilliant opportunities arise from it!

Feel free to follow my adventures on this blog!